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I Don’t Need Your service, I Can Sell The Business Myself

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

There’s nothing wrong with being able to sell your business yourself. Many business owners like the fact they can save on costs, advertise it online fairly easily. Sounds simple, right? Just before you dive in, here are a few points as to why using MARSUN corporate can benefit you, and help you achieve maximum value.

  • Work with MARSUN

You’re an expert at running your business not selling it. Yet it’s always surprising how many sellers are averse to using a business broker to facilitate the sale of their business. Would it be nice to save on the brokerage fee? Sure, but in most cases, we can add at least 10-12% to the sales price. Even though there are certain circumstances in which a for-sale-by-owner approach makes sense, business owners are better off working with MARSUN Corporate to handle important tasks such as preparation, showing the business to potential pre-qualified buyers, marketing, negotiation and achieving maximum value.

  • Buyer Qualification

Early pre-qualification of prospective buyers is essential for a successful business sale. In fact, pre-qualification draws buyers deeper into the sale. More importantly, early pre-qualification protects sensitive information about your company from falling into the wrong hands and ensures that only serious buyers have access to key details of the sale. Pre-qualification documents like confidentiality agreements and financial background information are standard requirements for prospective buyers interested in seeing critical information about your business.

  • Valuation

Inexperienced sellers tend to set a price (usually on the high side) before they’ve determined value. The reason this is such a big mistake is that price is the single most important factor in determining how long a business stays on the market. We have taken the time to conduct a thoughtful valuation process before assigning an asking price, we are more in touch with the marketplace prices and better positioned to defend that price and to help you reap the benefit of a faster, smoother sale.

  • All Cash Sale

All-cash sales are unrealistic in today’s business-for-sale marketplace. They can also be detrimental to sellers from a tax perspective. Instead of handing over a big chunk of cash at closing, today’s buyers are more likely to need concessions in the form of seller financing, deferred payments or assistance in obtaining third-party financing. The benefit to you as a seller is that spreading sales receipts over a multi-year period can enable you to avoid higher tax bracket

  • Confidentiality

Confidentiality is important. If the word gets out that your business is on the market, it could adversely affect sales and your relationship with your staff. MARSUN Corporate will know how to simultaneously market your business and maintain strict confidentiality. If you’re pursuing a for-sale-by-owner approach, it’s a bit trickier but it can be done by creatively targeting your marketing efforts to a small handful of likely prospects.

These are just some important factors to take into consideration when looking to sell your business, many business owners are under the illusion that by selling their business by themselves, they save money by not having to pay broker fees.

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