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How Do We Find Buyers For Your Business?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

We speak to many business owners daily. Questions we often come across when business owners consider using a business broker.

‘Do you just advertise my business online?’’

‘‘I can do it myself’’.

We agree you can do it yourself but advertising a business for sale online is just one of many ways we find buyers, let me explain…

Typically, it comes down to two simple options, while trying to source the right buyer yourself, either someone you may know personally or perhaps an industry connection, although this does work. Most favour the latter option of reaching out to MARSUN Corporate.

We have a pre-checked database of existing clients who buy businesses. From entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and holding companies many prospects will already have shown interest in your industry. Leading us to be able to present your business almost instantly to prospective buyers.

Simultaneously targeting the wider audience via networking sites will see many enquiries come flooding in, again saving you the time and effort to sort the serious buyers from the time wasters.

The reality is that there are more buyers than sellers. The objective is to ensure we only take on serious buyers that are financially able to make a purchase. Our job is to sell your business and not just advertise it.

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